Life on the Red Pill



I live to write…

I live to write. But I write just for myself and my own pleasure.~JD Salinger


Intro Post


First off – I will never tell you my real name. I will not tell you where I am from. I am not going to be to get chummy with you. I will not tell you about my siblings or my parents or my dog or cat or fly or bird. And I will not tell you what I do for a living. So don’t ask.

If that seems problematic, ask yourself why you need to know that and if you could truly know if I were being truthful anyway.

In my opinion, most people embellish online anyway. Social media sites is where people get to carve out a three dimensional avatar for people to relate to. Even for themselves to relate to, they get to be bigger than life. I don’t fault people for that, it can be fun.

That’s just not…my thing.

I will be using this to untangle some stuff in my head and when I do, I will probably delete this blog.

Til then, if any of it interests you feel free to engage concerning the issues.

Just don’t expect me to be a lifer. And no I am not loyal.

But nothing is forever, if we’re honest.